DIAS Facts

Commissions are paid to the agent by the issuing carrier…..and is built into the product.  In other words, you don’t see it.  Commission levels depend on the product type.  The simpler the product, the lower the built in commission.

MYGAs and SPIAs can be 0.50% to 2%. Indexed and variable annuities can have commissions ranging from 5% to over 10%.  Once again, it depends on the product and carrier.

If you have a specific product in mind, I can tell you the commission range.


I can run the requested $175K quote for you showing income starting in 4 years.  You can also go to DIAS.direct® and run that quote yourself.  The SPIA quotes only defer out as far as 13 months.  DIAs can be deferred as far out as 45 years

We do offer deferred annuities (DIAS) of all types and from every carrier, so let me know what you are specifically looking for and I will personally help you find the best contractual guarantee available.


The application process is very simple with all of the Annuities.direct®® sites: (SPIA.direct®DIAS.direct®QLAC.direct®, and MYGA.direct®).  95% of the process is done online, with online forms…with the final 5% handled by a licensed administrative person (non-agent).  The application process involves suitability questions. The vast majority of annuities are single premium.  You can either write a check, or wire the funds directly to the carriers.  Regarding do you need to show proof of funds? No.  You fill out the application by answering the suitability questions.  Regarding how does it work specifically? Not sure if you are talking about the application process, or carrier suitability.  Please call me so I can clarify. Regarding, once you determine the amount you care to purchase, say $100,000, can they provide all the specifics of the contract before receiving payment or guarantee of payment?  Yes.



We do provide longevity annuity contracts (aka: Deferred Income Annuities) at DIAS.direct®.  You can get a live quote there.  Also feel free to contact me personally at the 800# below, or click the green “Schedule A Call…” button below to set a specific time.



  • I am guaranteed income beginning at a future date for the rest of my life, no matter how long I live.
  • I can accomplish this simply with one premium payment.
  • tripleI can set a guaranteed future income stream many years in advance of when I will need it.
  • I won’t have to worry about managing my money in the stock market, or spending it prematurely.
  • I can decide on how much of my money I want in my DIA.
  • I can contribute as little as $10,000.

Yes, the carrier would just recalculate the lifetime income stream based on your life expectancy and current rates at the time you start the payments.   However, most policies only allow you to change the start date one time.

  • leg_lookMy income will start at the future date I choose when I contract with the annuity company.
  • The longer I wait for the income stream to start the more income I will receive.
  • For example: If I am  60 years old and deposit $50,000 in a DIA, I can contractually postpone my income payments until  age 65, 70, or even later.
  • Yes, I will be able to add money to my DIA.pair
  • The rules differ among annuity companies, so I will do my homework to make sure I choose the right one for me.
  • No, there is no annual fee.leg_raise
  • This is a net transaction to me.


  • If I  pass before I begin receiving my first monthly payment my beneficiary(s) will receive a lump-sum return of the initial premium.
  • If I pass after I begin receiving my monthly payments my payments will continue for a specified period of time to my beneficiary(s).
  • I will take the time to plan exactly how I want my DIA to be structured.
  • This is in reference to the guaranteed contractual income payment.  Life Only is the highest contractual payment because when I (the annuitant) dies the income payments will stop.
  • This is in reference to the guaranteed contractual income payment.  Life with a Balance Refunded is when I die my beneficiary(s) will receive the balance of my initial premium payment in either a lump sum or remaining installments.
  • leg_lookI can contribute to more than one DIA and start my income streams at different ages.
  • For example:  I can receive my income from three contracts laddered to begin paying me at different ages such as 70, 75, and 80.leg_lookleg_look
  • You will only know the ROI at death.
  • The longer you live the better the return.


  • I can get a Live Quote right now!